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Emerging Africa Ltd. is a global consulting firm that offers in-depth analysis on African capital markets, African equity and debt investments and African economic and corporate financial information. Emerging Africa’s clients include institutional investors, buy-side analysts, and sell-side analysts.

 Emerging Africa Ltd. offers:

  • Reviews, timely analysis and comments on equity and debt products traded on Africa's stock exchanges.

  • Economic and political analysis and background that impact the continent and its investment climate

  • Insightful emphasis on Sub-Saharan African stock markets and equities that have historically received little coverage

New investors seeking to invest in African stock markets have discovered that reliable information on Africa's capital markets is scarce. Founded in 1996, Emerging Africa Ltd. provides research and financial data to stimulate investment into Africa and to fulfill the needs of both institutional and individual investors.

A prudent investor learns to look at the trees, not at the forest. This is particularly sound advice when it comes to today's Africa.

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